Satpura Tiger Reserve
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Visitor Corner

Tourism in Satpura Tiger Reserve are classified into following three categories:

  1. Wildlife Tourism
  2. Nature/sight-seeing tourism
  3. Religious tourism
Wildlife Tourism:-

Wildlife tourism in Satpura is subordinated to the main objective of wildlife conservation. The Management believes that the visitors should be provided a meaningful exposure to the Protected Area so that they can appreciate Indias magnificent natural heritage and conservation benefits.

Madhai and Churna region is dedicated to wildlife tourism in core zone of STR. Madhai is the most famous tourist destination for wildlife lovers. The area has high density of wildlife and is easily accessible for tourists. The average annual tourist inflow in Madhai is more than 10,000 of which 11-12% are foreign tourists. Apart from the departmental accommodation at the entry point, boarding and lodging facilities of other private entrepreneurs also exists here. The tourists have a variety of activities to indulge in like gypsy safaris, elephant rides, canoeing, trekking,Wildlife viewing from Machans/Hides

Nature/site seeing tourism:-

Satpura Tiger Reserve offers a wide range of tourism activities namely:-

Nature/ site seeing tourism is mainly confined in Pachmarhi plateau which is the only hill station of Madhya Pradesh. During the British Era, in 1862, Captain James Forsyth discovered Pachmarhi. Bison Lodge was constructed by him in Pachmarhi for the British Officers as Forest Rest House, which now is an accommodation for tourists. .

Because of the scenic beauty, the greenery, natural and pleasant climate, Pachmarhi is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the region. Unlike the rest of central India, the temperature in Pachmarhi remains pleasant even during the peak summer months. That’s why Pachmarhi was also named as “Queen of Satpura”. In Pachmarhi there are many popular tourist places, namely- Jatashankar, Bee-fall, Apsara Vihar, Reechgarh, Dhoopgarh, Mahadeo, Chauragarh, Tynum Pool, Pandavas Caves etc. The total no. of such type of tourists is more than 1 lakh per year. The three highest peaks of Central India are also part of this region namely Dhoopgarh (1352m above msl), Mahadeo (1328m above msl) and Chauragarh (1308m above msl) like Camping, Walking/Traking,Canoeing/Boating and Gypsy Rides.

Religous Tourism:-

Religious sites inside Satpura Tiger Reserve are:

  • Mahadeo-Churagarh:- Mahadeo and Chouragarh are respectively second and third highest peaks of central India. These places are famous for shrines of Lord Shiva situated in these hill. There are three famous shrines namely Chouragarh,Mahadeo and Gupt Mahadeo.

  • Nagdwari:- It is about 14km from Pachmarhi Nagdwari cave is about 100 feet long, 50 feet wide and the height in centre is 14 feet at one and there is a large stone idol of Nagdewta.